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Feeling well is not the same as being healthy. To reach total health, you need every cell in your body to work at its 100% fullest biological potential. This will translate into a healthy body, with a healthy weight, keeping itself young and vital for a longer time. Regardless of what you pursue in your life, a healthy and vital body will help you achieve it and here at Amazon Superfoods, you will find out how.

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Knowledge of Ancestral Cultures + Latest Scientific Advancements

FuXion® products are unique nutraceutical products that produce amazing outcomes in your body. They are the result of combining the medicinal knowledge of ancient cultures (Andean, Amazonian, Mesoamerican, and Asian) in the use of food to improve health and the latest scientific advancements in cellular biology and human nutrition. That is what we call NUTRACEUTICAL FUSION®

Nutraceutical products play a specific role, going beyond simple nutrition; their functional properties help prevent and improve people’s health conditions. Some food products contain several types of specific nutrients or “active ingredients” that are isolated through technology to concentrate and combine the most beneficial, healthy and safe nutrients for the body, which are then incorporated in functional food recipes, more adequate for modern life.

Our nutrition proposal is known as NUTRACEUTICAL FUSION, a work philosophy that seeks to recover the ancestral knowledge of ancient cultures such as the Andean, the Mesoamerican, the Asian and -especially- the Amazonian in the use of food for its benefits in the body, and merge them with the lasted advances in biotechnology applied to human nutrition, to enhance your health and your abilities through functional and healthy products.

That will help your body:

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Specific product lines according to your needs, will help you enhance your body’s nutrient results.

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    Biodynamic Dormancy Differentiates Plant Based Beverages

    Simply put; the FuXion products are the healthiest beverages on Mother Earth. The main culprit is the patented process that creates a state of BioDynamic Dormancy. This state of being keeps the active ingredients in the most potent of forms.

    New Fuxion Products Straight From The Amazon!

    The U.S. branch of Fuxion has just released new Fuxion products to the market! Plus, Jeff Higginson (U.S. Fuxion Biotech owner and C.E.O.) has taken the next steps in opening this market further along with penetration across the rest of the world expected!

    Where to Buy Fuxion Products

    From my experience, these products have literally changed my life. 60 pounds down and have kept the weight off for nearly 3 years. That benefit by itself, has been fantastic. And there are several other health improvements that I have experienced since starting on the Fuxion product line. If you are interested in hearing more about my product experience, please feel free to contact me.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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