This particular 2016 United States performance review of Fuxion Biotech, a new Network Marketing Company in the United States, IS based on truth, because I have actually been part of it! Unlike a lot of reviews that are written on the internet, this is taken from personal experience and not based on hearsay! 

Yes, you are saying to yourself, “Well, if he is a Network Marketer already with the Company, won’t he be biased?”. Most certainly, BUT, I am a very transparent and honest person and, in the video below, I reveal issues that the Company has went through in its first year of operations in the United States and what Fuxion has done or is doing to rectify them. But, regardless of any expected concerns during a launch, Fuxion has performed exceedingly well…

First and foremost, the “proof is in the pudding”. What took me 9 years to get to in monthly residual income, in my last company, only took 5 MONTHS with Fuxion Biotech. I started in January of 2016, when Fuxion Biotech was in pre-launch, and, by May, between both of my positions with the Company, I was at $6,000 per month of residual income. Point being, Fuxion is, and will be, the BEST Network Marketing opportunity that one can find, in the U.S. Market, and will be for the next few years.

As I discussed in the video above, the amount of positive attributes that Fuxion has is unmatched by any other company, in the Network Marketing Industry, that we can find. The reason we know this? We did an exhaustive search in October of 2015 as to what the best U.S. Network Marketing opportunity was, using a criteria that flushes out bad situations.

In terms of the overall 2016 performance review of Fuxion Biotech, we had three main concerns that needed to be adapted to the U.S. Market;

*Fuxion compensation plan

*Fuxion internet presence

*Fuxion product manufacturing

If you would rather hear about the detailed performance review than read, just click the “Performance Review of Fuxion Biotech” video above, but essentially; Fuxion Biotech is a Latin American Company. An already established $100 million dollar Network Marketing Company, as a matter of fact! Therefore, they have never operated in the United States until 2016, meaning there were going to be bumps in the road! Randy Gage painted a great picture, in our pre-launch convention, about what it takes to launch a new company into a market and to EXPECT issues, to come up. BUT, for those that hold on through the launch phase, we are in for a financial return that mature Network Marketing companies can’t come close to giving us!

The first “issue” was the Fuxion Compensation Plan. The Company, instead of creating a whole new plan, brought the plan from the Latin American operations. The problem was that this plan was for a MATURE company and not a launch situation. On November 1, 2016, the Owners of Fuxion invested heavily into the United States Fuxion Compensation Plan by forcing high payouts to the front end of the plan. Basically, over paying the Founders of the U.S. portion of the Company. This has completely mitigated the compensation plan concern. The new Fuxion Founder’s Plan will be in place until November of 2017 and will be reviewed for changes at that time. Until then, I’ll take getting “overpaid”!

The second concern was regarding the internet presence of the Company. As detailed in the video, Latin American companies and culture do not use the internet nearly as much as we do here. Therefore, Fuxion’s internet presence was never focused on to a large degree. But, as Fuxion became to understand the American culture, they realized that the internet is a huge tool for research. Again, the Company is adapting by beefing up the entire spectrum of Fuxion’s internet presence (Social Media, Websites, Replicating Websites) during the 2017 campaign.

Finally, one of the main blocking points of purchasing Fuxion Products, was the fact that the products WERE made in Lima, Peru! The old, “I buy American only” argument came up for some Members when introducing Fuxion to their network. In my opinion, this was Fuxion’s smartest move as they now have manufacturing facilities that are making the Fuxion Products for the United States Market! Every package is stamped with “Made in the U.S.A.”! Think about this; Fuxion realized there was an obstacle with this and, in a matter of months, were able to create the manufacturing facilities in the ol’ U.S. of A. (Houston)! Not only are all products made in the U.S.A. now, but the actual Corporate Headquarters will be based in the United States! That is absolutely huge as it shows the Company’s, “Will not take no for an answer”, as far as focusing on our market needs. Plus, the U.S. will be the main “hub” for international growth. For those sitting in the positions that us Founders are in, we are literally at the beginning of the Fuxion international explosion!

I am a nerd, so I have to put some kind of value to this assessment and, my overall 2016 performance review for Fuxion Biotech, is a B+. The internet presence and compensation plan should have been thought out before, which is why it slipped into the “B’s”, but, the fact that Fuxion has adapted so quickly, brought the review back up.

If you want ANYTHING in a Network Marketing company, it is for them to have the ability to change and actually do it. Fuxion has proven to be that type of Company.

After all is said and done, this first year of United States operations has been excellent for Fuxion Biotech! From the Owners, to the products’ efficacy, to the Leadership, to the Fuxion System and Compensation Plan; Fuxion is set up to create true residual income wealth for those that have the ability to truly be a founder of a company!

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