Thinking about building a home business? Well, you’re not alone! Per the 2017 Home Business statistics, from the Direct Selling Association (, the amount of people involved in home businesses, in the United States and world wide, has continued to rise over the last several decades.

You may be asking yourself, why? It is very simple. The “set up” of our country has always taught us, to work for someone else. What this has done is create a major split between the “haves” and the “have nots”, at a rate of 3% to 97%, respectively. Basically, 3% of the people own 97% of the wealth. Pretty sickening right?

What a home business allows people to do, is build a residual income, on the side, and eventually take that business to places they would have NEVER experienced working for others.

Simple home business statistics such as; the number of people involved in Direct Selling, in the United States, went from 15 million in 2011, to 21 million in 2016!

Another statistic for those involved in a home business is; total U.S. Retail Sales. This went from $30 BILLION in 2011, to over $36 billion in 2016.

Two simple stats, but immensely powerful in terms of seeing the trend!

If you are looking at a home business, smart by you because, your ability to generate income in a Direct Selling business, is directly proportional to your effort. Not from what someone THINKS you are worth!

The key is, finding the right home business. One that is prepped for big growth and has all of the other elements in line, that can create massive growth for all those involved!

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The Balance You Need