Seriously, pat yourself on your back because you just made a great decision! Why, because you understand that the best Network Marketing company selection is the real question we should be asking. As you will see, count your blessings, because you have stumbled upon something absolutely amazing!

Through the next few paragraphs and videos, you will come to realize, based on facts, that this Network Marketing Company is one of the fastest growing, and therefore, best Network Marketing company selections, in the world! And, is set up for the long term growth and consistency that, each and every one of us that is involved in this great Industry, should be looking for.

Here is the stipulation; there may be a few others that are growing at this clip, that this Network Marketing company is, but as far as I can see, nothing touches this Company. There are 10,000 Network Marketing companies across the globe, so to have exposure to all their financial statements, is impossible, but I can tell you, with 100% certainty, that this MLM has what it takes to grow to multiple billions, per year, in annual revenue.

I am about facts and not words…so let’s start with the revenue growth;

Hope you were a bit entertained by my makeshift revenue chart, but you get the picture:) So the question becomes; WHY is this Network Marketing Company growing so fast, around the world, and why is it the best selection, you could ever run across?

I want you to go through all these competitive advantages/Fuxion facts first, but if you are ready to discuss Fuxion, call me at 866-992-5551;

*Fuxion Biotech is the largest Wellness Company in Latin America, with over 400,000 product users and tens of thousands, “Fuxioneurs”!

*Fuxion is located in 15 countries in Latin America including; Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. NOTA-Hablo español también y puedo ayudarle a construir un negocio de Fuxion si usted es un locutor español solamente. Tengo equipos con América Latina ya y siempre estoy buscando más gente para ayudar!

*Fuxion just launched into Spain, which is the gateway to Europe!

*In May of 2016, Fuxion launched into the United States! Fuxion is the 1st Company, in the history of Network Marketing, in this country, that is a $100 million dollar Company, that is launching INTO the United States. This, in and of itself, is one of the main differentiating factors, that sets Fuxion Biotech aside from the other 9,999 MLM companies out there.

“For the first time, in the history of this great Profession, we have a $100 million dollar company, launching in to the U.S., out of Latin America. This has NEVER happened before, and creates a huge competitive advantage. Less than 5% of all MLMs reach $100 million in sales annually, and we get Fuxion as a start up here. If you ever wanted success in Network Marketing, there is no better selection than Fuxion Biotech.”-Ben Mueller (U.S. Fuxion Leader)

*Fuxion’s product price points are BELOW market equivalents (even though there are really no equivalents to these amazing products). This is, indeed, rare, for a Network Marketing Company, to be under market prices. This obviously helps on the sales to the end consumers as, essentially, we are helping people SAVE money, and, at the same time, are putting better ingredients in their bodies!

*The Company’s marketing message is simple;

“Everyone is drinking; sodas, coffees, teas, etc. Just replace, what you are already drinking, with better ingredients, at a better cost.”-Randy Gage (Network Marketing Icon and 1st Person Inducted into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame)

Why is this important? The FDA (Big Pharma), does NOT like companies that try to solve health issues. Although Fuxion’s products may help people with various health conditions, the main message is; just drink products that are better for you, at a better price! Yes, the by product can be better health, but the Company avoids the scrutiny that can come from these government agencies, which do everything in their power, to keep the revenue lines open for Big Pharma!

*The Fuxion products WORK, TASTE GREAT, and again, are INEXPENSIVE! Fuxion covers the market well in terms of the types of products. These powdered sachets of 100% pure natural ingredients range from; energy drinks, libido, mental clarity, weight loss, gut health, immune system, anti-oxidants, youth enhancement, circulation, joint health, to many more. At this stage of the launch, we only have about half of the total products that Fuxion offers, so many more are on their way. They are also; Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and, with NO preservatives, whatsoever. If you would like to understand the Fuxion products, on a deeper level, just take a stroll over to our Fuxion website.

*There is NO autoship! Network Marketing is about leaving people FREE to decide what they want to do. When a Network Marketing company forces people to pay monthly, it takes a lot of potentially good Network Marketers, even from saying “Yes” to the business. Or, for new Network Marketers, that don’t understand how these residual based businesses are grown, they quit within a few months because they have spent several hundred dollars before they are making any type of residual income. With Fuxion, we put in orders, if there is revenue to be earned on!

*Randy Gage, one of the best Network Marketers, if not THE best, in the history of Network Marketing, is our immediate upline (if you were to come into my organization). This is absolutely HUGE as we are able to learn from one of the greatest minds in this Profession! I was #23 into the Company when we went into pre-launch and really lucked out having a sponsor that is good friends with Randy Gage! Paul Devlin, 30 year MLM Veteran, is my first sponsor, and Gage is his. Point being, we have SOLID uplines that transfer their knowledge down to help us. I have been in the Profession for 14 years now, and have had a lot of success, but I am not Randy Gage! All of our businesses receive the benefit of having such a powerful upline!

*The owners, Alvaro Zuniga and Rafael Zuniga are brilliant owners and have taken Fuxion from scratch, and built this Company to over $135 million in annual sales, in the last ten years. Alvaro, a mechanical engineer, is the brains behind the Fuxion Products and Rafael, is the finance wizard. Between the two of them, and Randy Gage, they have created, what will be, the top Network Marketing Company, in the world. Note-Right now, Fuxion is rated #85 in the world!

*With the opening of Fuxion in the United States, the Company has decided to make the U.S., the hub to international growth. We have 15 countries in Latin America, the U.S., and Spain, which is just the beginning of the international growth. If you are someone with ties to those living outside of the United States, watch out because you have a mountain of gold that you are sitting on!

*Fuxion created a special compensation plan, just for the United States. Basically, Fuxion is overpaying those of us that are the Founders of Fuxion, in the U.S.. This INCLUDES those coming into the Company now!

*The final fact that needs to be discussed, is the Fuxion System! If you understand the Network Marketing Model, you know that “duplication”, is the name of the game! That means that; the same system is being used, all the way through the organizations which creates momentum and the residual income that all of us enjoy.

We use Facebook, and Whatsapp Messenger, as the main communication paths between Corporate and the Field, and between our teams.

Fuxion has a “Rank Advancement Tool”, which is in everyone’s Fuxion Back Office, that tells the Fuxioneur, EXACTLY what they need to do, to get to the next Rank. Point being, if you hit the ranks, you are maximizing your revenue!

Finally, and this is shown to you in the next video, the Fuxion App is the key to rapid growth! Although the traditional Network Marketers of the world want everything to stay the way it was, and work one’s business, “Belly to Belly”, technology has taken over and those days, are gone forever!

The Fuxion App allows you to invite prospects to the business and products, through videos that can be sent to; text, emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. The App even has pre-written scripts, on exactly what to say to someone, for those that are new to Network Marketing. This is just the beginning as the Fuxion App connects you to your upline for 3 way calls, helps with the follow up process, and even has all of our training on the App, for easy digestion of the information.

Based on the Fuxion facts, you see why Fuxion is the best selection, when getting into the Network Marketing Profession. The Company is considered, one of the fastest growing companies, and will be for years to come, in the world.

Remember, company selection is the difference between failure and ultra-success in Network Marketing, so do NOT take this lightly. Make sure you truly analyze a Network Marketing company, before you do anything, and base your decision on facts, and NOT what someone is screaming in your ear!

Personally, I learned a long time ago that, the more value I bring to others, the more value I create, for not only them, but my family also. I am fed up with people getting into the MLM Profession, and not succeeding. This is exactly why I am so passionate about Fuxion because, finally, we have something that can truly create high levels of residual income, for those that; see the vision, and work the vision!

If you would like to learn more about Fuxion, just give me a call at 866-992-5551, or, if you are ready to join Fuxion now, visit the following link;

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To your future!