Yes, I am calling this the best Network Marketing video ever…why? Because it very well could be the Network Marketing video you have always been waiting for to change the financial direction of your life!

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There are literally thousands of Network Marketing companies on the planet. We have a constant stream of bullshit that is fed to us about the next great company in the Network Marketing Industry. 99% of the time, they are truly BS because of the timing of the particular company, in its growth curve! But, what if there was a situation, where the timing of the company was absolutely perfect? Watch the video below and see what I am talking about…

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As discussed in this Network Marketing video, the timing of FuXion is absolutely impeccable!

Impeccable: (of behavior, performance, or appearance) in accordance with the highest standards of propriety; faultless. That’s the word I chose to explain the timing of FuXion in the Network Marketing Industry! It is one of those doors in life that says; “if you are listening, then pay attention, because I have something for you that can change the rest of your life”.

Unfortunately, as explained in the Network Marketing video, 99% of the time, the timing, in which you join a company, is not conducive to building large organizations (large pay checks). Unless you are bringing thousands of people over from one company to another, the chances of you building a walk away income, are slim to none.

Think about it, the major Network Marketing companies out there, have been in existence for a long time and have, for the most part, maxed out their growth. So, you come in, as a new Network Marketer into the company, and it is hard to get any traction.

On the flip side, start ups have a ton of risk involved with them! 90% of all start up Network Marketing companies fail in their first 2 years. Out of the 10% that are left, 90% of them fail in the first 5 years! Obviously the chances of you building a large Network Marketing business with a start up is about 1% or less. UGH!

So, why even try right? Because there is ALWAYS hope!

After being with one company for 12 years, I had to find another company. Not what I wanted to do, but had to. Therefore, instead of just jumping into something with emotion, I actually took a logical approach to finding the next Network Marketing company I would call home (hopefully for the rest of my days). After 100 companies worth of research, we found, not only a company that passed all of our criteria, but one that had the PERFECT timing presented along with it!

You see, FuXion has already been in Latin America for 8 years. The company’s annual sales are approaching $150 million per year (95% of Network Marketing companies never get to $100 million in annual sales). This means that; FuXion is NOT a start up, only a “start up” in the United States. This simple point hardly ever happens; a successful Network Marketing company coming INTO the United States! What? The overwhelming majority of the time, the biggest companies START in the U.S., but not with FuXion…

More importantly, the company is at a great revenue mark for never entering the largest Network Marketing country in the world, the United States. Therefore, the Company has the capital, infrastructure, success track, products, compensation plan, etc., already dialed in before it even gets to us.

The best Network Marketing video ever, was simply designed to say; “Hey, CHECK THIS OUT”. I am personally sick and tired of people coming into this Industry and not having their dreams realized! I got into Network Marketing, not only because it can provide a very lucrative income for my family, but the fact that I have the opportunity to help thousands upon thousands of people truly make a great living by helping other people.

The business model itself, is genius, the problems exists within the life cycles of these companies. When something like this happens, which is very much a rarity, I will shout it from the roof tops…HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO TRULY BUILD A SUCCESSFUL NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS!

If you would like to learn more about FuXion and the timing perfection that it is presenting us, visit my FuXion business page. If you would rather talk to me directly, give (Ben Mueller) a ring at 866-992-5551 and tell him you found him on DitchDaBoss.com

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