When you want powerful nutrition in its most bioavailable form, then you need hot and cold beverages from FuXion Biotech.

Simply put; the FuXion products are the healthiest beverages on Mother Earth. The main reason is the patented process that creates a state of BioDynamic Dormancy. This state of keeping the active ingredients in the most potent of forms. Think about it; an apple directly from the tree has more nutrition than one that has been sitting in the basket for a week. Food slowly dies once removed from its source. Fuxion found a way to keep that source intact.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard this before”!

Other drinks you find may claim to offer completely natural (i.e. dead) ingredients. But only FuXion offers the real thing; 100% all-natural, no preservatives, no additives, non-GMO products with higher nutritional value, and greater bioavailability than any competitors on the market.

FuXion is also moving to 100% of the product line being Clean Label Certified.

Yes, there are alternative sources of healthy drinks. But FuXion’s are healthier. Much healthier!

State of “Suspended Animation”

Other companies may sell products made with plants from the rainforest. But FuXion products deliver superior nutrition because they are prepared with an exclusive process known as BioDynamic Dormancy. And the products are created using only ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest and high Andes Mountains.

What is BioDynamic Dormancy? It is the ultimate delivery system for nutrient bioavailability because it keeps the active principles in a state of suspended animation (dormancy) and protects the nutrients until activated with water. Once the water hits, there is an explosion of nutrition and taste that happens before your eyes and through your body.

This process actually gives the nutrients a viable shelf life without using preservatives! That is big-time progress in the world of health.

Bioavailability (Nutrient Absorption)

There is an extra beneficial step that is taken in the preparation of FuXion beverages.

The dried powder is treated with an “EmulXion” process which coats each granule with a spray of polyunsaturated fatty acids. This better protects the nutrients to maximize the bioactivity and absorption in your small intestines.

This unique and exclusive process is completed at the FuXion Biotech Lab and Complex located in Peru, home to the Amazon Rainforest, and many of the ingredients that make up the FuXion drinks.

The FuXion beverages you will be ingesting are totally natural and immediately activated when you mix them with water. Again, there are no chemicals, preservatives, or GMOs in these sachets of goodness, and are prepared at low temperatures to keep the integrity of the nutrition.

All that said to say that FuXion products are THE healthiest beverages on planet earth. Do your own research and you will not find any natural health drink that is cleaner, more potent, or tastes like plant heaven than these amazing drinks!

Fuxion’s patents ensure that these natural health beverages contain some of the healthiest ingredients your body will ever experience.

And with BioDynamic Dormancy, we now can take our health to another level because these ingredients are being absorbed at high levels while still maintaining the potent effects of the active ingredients.

Your first step in entering the Fuxion world is to understand the different types of beverages that are available (weight loss, athletic performance, anti-aging, etc). From there you can find what will best work for your health goals.

Visit the Fuxion Online Store to order your “little sachets of goodness”.

To your health!