C & C FIT Gourmet Coffee 

C&C Fit by FuXion Biotech: Healthy Coffee with a Weight Loss Kick! Irresistible roasted gourmet coffee with green coffee extract, rich in chlorogenic acids that help you control your appetite and reduce your waistline. Its antioxidant components will also help you to reduce your appetite and boost the elimination of cellulitis, by specifically eliminating accumulated fat.**

FuXion’s C&C Fit coffee product is a natural (Non-GMO) gourmet coffee, without all the sub-par ingredients that we get in other “natural” products. With the C&C Fit Gourmet Coffee by FuXion, you are able to enjoy a great tasting coffee that helps to keep your gut full of the good bacteria to help rid the body of those nasty toxins!

Because FuXion sources its own products in Lima, Peru, we are able to take advantage of the price points that FuXion offers. C&C Fit runs $1.96 per stick, a crazy price point for the quality of ingredients this gourmet coffee contains. * DOYPACKS WITH 28, 5 GRAM STICKS.

To try C & C FIT visit my FuXion website at iamfuxion.net/ditchdaboss

Once at my FuXion site click on “VIRTUAL SHOP” >> Then “CHOOSE COUNTRY” >> Then “CONTINUE” >> once inside the Virtual Store you can SELECT YOUR PRODUCTS and ADD TO CART and then CHECK OUT when finished. (You will have 2 options when adding products to your cart…”INITIAL ORDER” or “AUTOSHIP”)


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