Good health and vitality begins in your gut! If you want to get or stay healthy, it’s vital that you keep things moving through your digestive system.

Hey Everyone, Travis Holzem from coming to you on a beautiful Friday Morning here in Inver Grove Heights, MN  Today. I want to talk to those of you that are into fitness and achieivinRGX1 FuXiong optimal health while maintaining proper digestive function, I want to personally recommend a new way to keep your body functioning at it’s best and cleanse your body naturally.
I currently use this formula *(RGX1) in my regular diet along with a couple other digesetive health related formulas and I have to tell you, when your digestive system is functioning the way it should with nothing but healthy nutrition going in, you will feel incredible! 


This formula nourishes the intestinal flora in your digestive tract to keep you regular and there they activate your body’s natural defenses, improving the immune system and the other 2 formulas taken along with RGX1 are Flora Liv which delivers more than 10 billion live probiotic bacteria to your intestines and Liquid Fibra that keep things moving through your digestive system.



If your health and wellness are important to you and you have any questions please contact me here on the site or call me at 1-800-993-4268
I might be 45 but I look and feel 10 years younger.
And you guys out there that drink sodas, coffees, energy drinks in excess everyday, replace them with some much healthier and costs less money :)
On another note: If someone would have told me 10 years ago that I could get paid for consuming FuXion products, get completely off of Coca Cola and all other sodas, stop drinking a 10 cup pot of coffee everyday, acheiving true health, and then showing others how they can do the same I would be living on a beach in Costa Rica already. You can truly Take Your Life Back with FuXion! 

The Fuxion product line has many competitive advantages:
*Sugar-Free (and contains NO xylitol or artificial sweeteners)
*NO Preservatives
*100% natural ingredients
*#1 Wellness Company in Latin America
*Easy to carry
*FDA Registered Importer
*Great tasting
*Below market pricing (e.g., Fuxion VitaEnergia at $1.00 discounted vs. 5 Hour Energy at $4.00)
*Array of functional beverages that support health goals ranging from weight loss and libido to energy, beautification, and anti-aging. Targeted support as well for your joints, immune system, relaxation and sleep issues, gut health and cleansing.
*Easy to use (tear open a sachet and pour the powder into cold or hot water).

Fuxion Products are so popular because people don’t have to change their habits; they simply replace what they’re already drinking every day, with a healthier version!

If you would like to order, go to the Fuxion website ( and, if you want to view ALL our super-healthy, great tasting products and try more of them NOW, you can do so on the website. There is absolutely no risk as there is a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee, even if you use all of the product! Again, to order directly from Fuxion, visit and click “Buy,” select your products, and check out (FYI “soyfuxion” translates as “I am fuxion” in Spanish).

FUXION ALSO OFFERS AN INCREDIBLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY for those who want to work from home and create another stream of income for yourself and your family. The timing for this opportunity is once in a lifetime, as you are getting in at the very beginning of Fuxion’s entrance into the USA market!  With competitive pricing, no mandatory autoship, superb technology (Fuxion App is the BEST app ever created for this industry) and top leaders to help you get started…a gold mine of opportunity awaits you!




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