The Best Part of Waking Up is Ganomas in Your Cup!

fuxion products-ganamos-cafe-capuccinoIf you are looking for a better alternative to coffee in the morning but do not want to give up coffee for good. Try this…It is called Ganomas Cafe Capuccino.

I started to drink Ganomas Cafe Capuccino at the beginning of January 2016 when the first shipment from Peru came to the US. So essentially, I am one of the first Americans to try it. All i have to say is….IT’S INCREDIBLE!

Listen to this…I drink one mug of Ganomas per day and have completely cutout drinking regular coffee, well, 3 regular cups of coffee since the January and we are at March 3, 2016. I don’t even crave coffee or need coffee for a wake up anymore.

My insides feel so much better now, no more gut rot.

What do you think your body would feel like if you quit drinking coffee?


at least reduced your consumption drastically?


This tasty coffee replacement, if you want to call it that, will make you feel great. You will get a clean start to your day instead of filling yourself with overpriced and unhealthy coffee or concoctions with whip cream and chocolate spinkles on top that you paid 8 bucks for. REALLY?

I was a black coffee drinker, straight shit for me. no fu fu crap, no creamers, no sugars. Just black coffee. On average I paid $1.60 for a large cup of coffee every day and then I would make a 10 cup pot of coffee in my office.

When I look back on it now I am like holy shit was that a lot of wasted money, but damn, drinking the equivalent of 10 cups of coffee per day or more. No wonder my stomach was always feeling like shit. Plus being wired up on caffeine every day.

Once the coffee was off the menu for the day then it was time for the coca cola to come out and play but that story is for another post, but just to let you know, I do not have an addiction to coca cola or any other sodas anymore. Completely quit!

I now save a lot of money, and I know it has only been a couple months but the benefits for outway the alternative! What’s not to like about better health and smarter wealth?

If you drink a ton of coffee and enegry drinks every day, you need stop and drink Ganomas for 30 days! You will never go back to coffee or the energy drinks like before.
You can spend the money you save on something else, like a gym membership, so you can start investing back into yourself.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of encouragement to get someone to change their health for the better, especially when you know you have to. Change is not an easy thing to do especially when you are stuck into your lifelong unhealthy routines. Take it from me, I am not just talking the talk, I’m walking the walk. I am 45 years old but you would not know that by looking at me, I am in better physical shape than most people less than half my age.

I have been working out at the gym consistently for almost 18 months but struggling with burning fat and leaning out because I still had bad habits (coffee and soda)

I have just finally changed my health in the past 3 months by replacing coffee with a healthier alternative and replacing sodas completely. Now I feel good all the time and I look great too. I am about a month overdue on my goals of rocking a six-pack again but it is finally within reach and I can see it (I owe leaning out to Termo Té but that is for another one of my reviews.

I work out at the gym no less that 6 days a week and I see several people on a daily basis. The favorite part of my workout is when I can see the people that started to come into the gym after I joined there, the ones that started out 50-60 pounds or more overweight, heck some that were only 20-30 lbs overweight, and now they are smaller healthier people. To see the transition their body makes over 6-12 months time is amazing. You can also see the confidence come back into their eyes because they feel better about themselves. It shows what can happen when you change and you stick with it and make it part of your life.

Sorry to go off topic from my original reason for the post which is Ganomas Cafe Capuccino but I just go with the flow sometimes and say what is on my mind.

Replace something bad for your overall health with something much better and you save money in the process. You can’t go wrong.

If you are interested in trying Ganomas contact me for ordering details. Only $25 (20 sticks per carton) that is roughly $1.25 cents a day compared to $1.60 for large convenience store coffee or whatever insane amount you people pay for the fu fu drinks at the cookie cutter coffee shops every day. And you will feel better too!