Q: What percentage of commissions is paid out on products

A:  PV is over each week

1-59 PV= 20% commission
60-299 PV= 25% commission
300-599 PV = 27.5% commission
600+ PV = 30% commission

Q: What is Wellmune?

A: Wellmune wgp® : Nature’s Immune Enhancer

An Innovative Functional Food and Beverage Ingredient That is Clinically Proven to Enhance Immune Function

A Product of Biothera, the Immune Health Company Introduction.

Wellmune wgp® is a natural food, beverage and supplement ingredient that is clinically proven to safely prime the immune system to help keep the body healthy. Researchers have demonstrated that Wellmune wgp helps mobilize billions of innate immune cells that are part of the body’s natural defenses. It helps these cells to do their jobs effectively without over-stimulating the immune system, which can be harmful to long-term health. This unique ingredient’s patented, year-round protection is the culmination of more than $300 million in research with leading university and government institutions.

The potential for immune-supporting products spans virtually all food and beverage categories now that the importance of immune health has reached critical mass among consumers. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, immune health was one of the top three reasons consumers took supplements in the past two years. “Immune health” was cited more often than “pain relief,” “weight control” or “reducing heart attacks.” The compelling safety and efficacy research supporting Wellmune wgp make it an ideal ingredient for delivering real health benefits to consumers. To learn more about Wellmune download the Research Summary.

Download the Wellmune wgp® Research Summary

Q: How many countries is FuXion sold in

A: FuXion is currently doing business in USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, R. Dominicana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile

Now launching in Spain, Argentina, and Brazil

Future Expansion to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Russia

Q: What is Maltodextrin

A: In FuXion products we use maltodextrin to improve homogenization of powder mixes, and to thicken the product in the packaging process.

• We do not use any digestion resistant variety of maltodextrin. The one that we use is a high quality one, obtained from corn starch, 100% natural
• It is an ingredient Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS)
• Not Genetically Modified Organisms (No GMO)
• Each gram provides 4 calories like any other carbohydrate (It is important to differentiate this natural maltodextrin from others, which are fibers chemically modified from corn starch and add 2 calories per gram)

Summarizing: the maltodextrin used in FUXION products does not belong to the category of Resistant Digestion Fiber (NDRM). On the contrary our maltodextrin is easy to digest. Our maltodextrin is not a soluble fiber; it is not a prebiotic food.
So to answer to the questions about the glycemic index:

The maltodextrin has a GI of 105. The maltodextrin used by Fuxion , is Low Glycemic Load

Here’s information so you can understand what it means

“The GI tells you how fast foods spike your blood sugar. But the GI won’t tell you how much carbohydrate per serving you’re getting. That’s where the Glycemic Load is a great help. It measures the amount of carbohydrate in each service of food.”


Another Explanation

We often don´t know that there are two types of maltodextrin. There are differences between them, let me explain the difference.

*Natural digestion resistant maltodextrin used to enhance flavor and provide other health benefits is far from commonly used synthetic varieties.

The important difference is “natural”. There, maltodextrin synthetic varieties are often used as sweeteners , cheap protein powders. It is important to avoid synthetic maltodextrin

Snythetic Maltodextrin (GMO)

  • It is artificially created when the acid / enzymes are added to the starch
  • It can potentially increase insulin levels
  • It can cause depletion of vitamins and minerals your body
  • It is typically GMO (genetically modified)
  • It is not resistant to digestion

Instead, the natural maltodextrin is not resistant to digestion, is GMO FREE (corn). (Fuxion use this one)

Natural Maltodextrin (NON GMO)

  • Classified as water soluble fiber
  • Rich in pre-biotic foods to help intestinal bacteria
  • Resistant to digestion
  • Not GMO

Any other questions calls us at 1-800-993-4268 or fill out our contact form

Q: Which products are Gluten-Free?

A: All FuXion products are gluten-free, because we do not use cereals. The wheat grass extract that we use in Alfa Balance it is not obtained from the seeds.

Q: Do any FuXion products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

A: No, all FuXion products are GMO-free.

Q: Which products are vegan?

A: All our proteins from the Biopro Active line

  • Té Nocarb
  • Café
  • Café Fit
  • Té Ganomas
  • RGX1
  • RGX2
  • Alfa Balance
  • Floraliv
  • Liquid Fibra

Q: Which products contain nuts?

A: None of the FuXion products contain nuts

Q: How can the products be 100% natural if they are powder?

A: We use spray-dried technology that allows us to convert infusions, juices, concentrates, and extracts into powder; keeping their active ingredients and functionality. (This is the same process used to created powdered milk from whole milk).

Q: Are FuXion products organic?

A: Our ingredients are from natural origin, and some of them have organic certifications. We do not use any GMO or synthetic ingredients.

Q: For Vita Energy, some of the sediment doesn’t dissolve? What is the sediment and why is it necessary?

A: This sediment comes from Acai Berry pulp, which is not completely soluble. When you reach the bottom of your glass or shaker bottle, simply add a small amount of water, swish around and drink all of this nutritional goodness!

Q: Do the teas and coffees need hot water to activate them, or can they be mixed and consumed cold?

A: Our formulas do not need hot water to be activated, and our teas and coffees can be prepared either cold or warm, as they are dried infusions. However, our juices, cold beverages and shakes should be consumed cold, as heating may damage vitamins and some proteins.

Q: Are the plants farmed or wild harvest?

A: To maintain our demanding quality standards with consistent characteristics, our extracts are obtained from farmed plants and fruits. This consistency cannot be achieved when you use wild harvest raw materials.

Q: Are the FuXion products approved by the FDA?

A: The FDA does not approve or certify products. They do take action against any products they believe are harmful to consumers. Our products have FDA authorization to be sold in USA.

Q: What is the soy isoflavone used, and is it fermented?

A: Soy isoflavones are obtained from non-GMO soybean, by extraction, concentration in vacuum, and subsequent dried by atomization. It is not obtained by a fermentation processes.

This soybean extract provides a mixture of isoflavones that together are expressed as Genistein. FuXion does not use isolated isoflavones. All isoflavones found in soy are considered as phytoestrogens. Our Probal provides 5 mg of Soy Isoflavones and the doses that could have any effect is suggested to be in 50 mg.

Q: What is the source of the soy lecithin?

A: We do not use soy lechitin in any of our products.

Q: Is maltodextrin in FuXion products genetically modified? Does it increase insulin levels?

A: All vegetal extracts in FuXion products are non-GMO. Maltodextrin in our products has a high Glycemic Index, but the amount we use in every product is low, so they are low Glycemic Loaded; so they do not increase insulin levels and have a very low amount of carbohydrates per serving.

Maltodextrin used in FUXION products does not belong to the category of Resistant Digestion Fiber (NDRM). On the contrary, our maltodextrin is easy to digest. It is not a soluble fiber or a prebiotic food.

Q: Most products have green tea extract. How much caffeine is that?

A: Our green tea does not provide caffeine, but theine. On the other hand, when we use green tea in our formulas, we use different kinds of active principles, depending of the functionality we are looking for: For example:

*OFF: L-teanine from green tea for calming results.

*Termo Té: Green tea extract for enhanced metabolic functionality.

*Vita Xtra T: Thein from green tea extract for revitalizing functionality.

Q: Based on the products we now have in the U.S. weight management line: Termo Té, T No Carb, Flora Liv and Liquid Fibra Is there a special regimen that works best for maximum results?

A: Yes, we recommend:

  1. Eat five times a day, to stimulate or increase the metabolic rate by eating each 3 hours.
  2. Consume Té No Carb before or during lunch or dinner; and Termo Té before exercising, and after lunch or dinner (depending on what you are having to eat). Take Flora Liv or Liquid Fibra on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before dinner.
  3. Follow a healthy nutritional plan (reduced in calories and carbs, balanced and high in fiber) along with our products.
  4. Include exercise in your daily routine to improve your results.
  5. Keep your body properly hydrated.

Q: Which products are safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers?

A: Only the following products:

  • Floral Liv
  • Liquid Fibra
  • BioProTec
  • Vitaenergía Chicha

Q: Which FuXion products can small children use, and are there limitations (age, weight, etc.)?

A: See products above.

Q: Are there any product limitations for people with high blood pressure?

A: Do not consume the following products without consulting with your physician:

  • Coffes: Cappuccino Ganomas, Café & Café Fit, Café Ganomax
  • Termo Té, Vita Xtra T, Vita Xtra T Plus, On, Passion,

Q: Are there any daily limitations to the amount of products an adult can take?

A: You should dose and balance the consumption of our products as any food…all in their just measure.

Q: Can the products be used for high performance athletes complying with WADA requirements?

A: We are in the process to achieve WADA certification. Elite athletes can feel comfortable consuming any of our all-natural products.

Q: Are the ingredients harvested in a sustainable way and is it eco-friendly to the Amazon?

A: The raw material we use in our extracts are not wild harvest, they are farmed. FuXion is a good corporate citizen and works to ensure all of our practices promote sustainability. And we’re working tirelessly to protect the Amazon rainforest, one of the world’s most important natural resources.

Q: Is there a FuXion Certified Nutritionist and/or Dietician that can answer questions by email?

A: Yes, we have an on-line question service. You can access it through your Virtual Office (“Offix”). It’s important to include all relevant information as sex, age, height and weight of the potential consumer. During the week, you will receive an answer within 24 hours. Questions over the weekend will receive an answer the following Monday.