Fuxion Biotech History: From Small Fish to a Whale!


Fuxion Biotech is one of the greatest stories, in the history of Leveraged Sales. In the video below, Luca Melloni and Paul Devlin, both top leaders in Fuxion, discuss the Fuxion Biotech history in length! Very interesting how this Latin American Company went from $1 million in sales, 10 years ago, to over $132 million in annual sales in 2016, and on its way to a Billion.

Luca Melloni was there from the beginning and, as we in the United States whine about the small things, Peruvians had to put up with a heck of a lot more in terms of inefficiencies at the beginning of the Company.

Point being, Luca, and the rest of the first Fuxion groups in Latin America, pushed through and dealt with the difficulties. Now, they are on top of a Leveraged Sales company that is in the top 5% of all companies in annual sales.

The moral of the story, those of us that are the beginning of Fuxion Biotech in the United States, are sitting in the same situation and have moved through the most difficult part of launching a Company into a new market. If you understand Leveraged Sales, you realize that this is a TRUE opportunity of a lifetime (yeah, yeah, yeah, heard that before…)…this time, it is the real deal!

Here is the differentiating factor; there has NEVER been a $100 million dollar company, that has launched into the United States, out of Latin America. When you combine the capital backing, a Company that has already reached the top 5% of the field, and put it into a new market, and fix all the cultural aspects that need to be fixed, it equals a OOL!

So, what does this mean for those getting involved in Fuxion now? HIGH, HIGH POTENTIAL!



Just like Luca said in the video, if you are up for the challenge, and want to be part of this pioneer group in the United States, don’t wait!

But, if you want things easy, and are satisfied with less growth, then wait!

That is the beauty of Leveraged Sales, it is all up to you!

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