How to Get Started in Network Marketing

You want to know how to get started in Network Marketing. You want to learn how to build one of these Network Marketing businesses, because you understand the concept of LEVERAGE and know, that it is up to you, to create the financial future that you envision!

If you are at this point in your head, you have realized, as I did, so many years back, that Network Marketing IS the best method to growing residual income, when you don’t have the money to build it through traditional strategies.

If you agree with both paragraphs above, first of all; good thinking got you to this point! Secondly, hang with me through this video and blog to understand some basic concepts to bring into your practice immediately.

After 14 years of being in the Network Marketing Profession, I have learned a few dos and don’ts that, I wish someone would have sat me down, as a young fledgling in this Industry and said, “Ben, there are three things that, above and beyond all else, will be the foundation of your success in Network Marketing”. But, they didn’t…so my hope for you is that you absorb this information and really let it sink in before jumping into a Network Marketing company.

There are 3 simple principles, when getting started in Network Marketing. 3 things that, if you apply them, on a daily basis, it will give you a hell of a better shot of making significant residual income.

But, before getting into the 3 principles on how to get started in Network Marketing, the first, and most important decision you will make, is choosing the right Network Marketing company to join. Above all else, if you make a bad company selection, it really doesn’t matter if you use the principles or not.

Once you have chosen the Network Marketing company to join, you will want to live and breathe the following Network Marketing concepts;

*The above decision is just your first decision, but there is a second decision, that is just as impactful, and that is to TRULY decide to build this. There was a great quote I read one time, that specifically addresses this concept;

“The VERY moment that one DECIDES, then and ONLY then, do all things start to occur, that otherwise would have not occurred, that no man, nor woman, would have ever dreamt possible!”

To me, this quote lays it out perfectly. ONLY when you truly decide to do something, will things start to really flow, for the good of your business. Yes, this is a part of the Law of Attraction, and may sound like hocus pocus, but believe me, it is very real!

**When getting started in Network Marketing, and this is HUGE, don’t over think things! In the video above, I go into much more detail, but this is all about the foundation of Network Marketing…duplication!

Think about this, if you are the person that tries to memorize everything about anything (the products, the compensation plan, the this, the that), the person receiving the information from you, thinks; ‘I am not going to try and memorize all this information. This person has spent a ton of time and I just don’t have it to spend”. Simply put, being an expert in the subject is NOT duplicable and your business won’t grow the way it could!

Instead, keep it simple and learn how to invite a person to look at the business or products and educate them, by use of the tools! Side note: when looking for a Network Marketing company, one thing to look at, are the marketing tools the company provides.

Point being; SHOW people how easily this business can be built. When you have mastered this, your Network Marketing organization becomes a GRASS FIRE!

***Going back to the Law of Attraction, if we want our lives to change, in ANY area of life, we have to be open to looking at how we perceive the world, AND how we perceive ourselves!

I had to overcome, and am still working on it, bringing my past into who I think I am today! In order to grow, in a particular part of life, we have to be able to perceive ourselves, as the person that CAN accomplish whatever is set forth!

“Sometimes you have to give up your idea, of who you are, to be who you’re going to become.”

Live this quote!

I sincerely hope that this article has given you some insight on how to start in Network Marketing. As a Network Marketer myself, I try to simplify things as much as possible and, after everything is said and done, you get a glimpse of how a person, that has a thriving Network Marketing business, thinks about his or her business, on a daily basis!

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