If you are trying to find out how to contact Fuxion Biotech, then you have landed in the right spot! Maybe…

As a Network Marketer, that uses the internet to communicate about the Company, Fuxion Biotech, I get a lot of people that think, I am the Company, when in reality, I work as a Network Marketer with the Company.

This blog is to set the record straight and give you the correct contact information for Fuxion. But, before doing that, check out the video below as it may shed some light on which Fuxion contact information to use!

If you are wanting to know how to contact Fuxion Biotech, because you are already a Member and need help with something, you can email the Company at [email protected] or call 855-747-9922, to contact Fuxion directly.

If you have been researching Fuxion as a Company to align with, to create more income for you and your family, OR, you are interested in the Fuxion products, then you have come to the right place!

My name is Ben Mueller and I am one of the original Founders of Fuxion Biotech in the United States. If you click on the link attached to my name, you can get a good overview to my experience in the Network Marketing Profession, and business in general. You will be talking with someone that truly knows what is going on…

Fuxion Biotech Products

If you are looking to start taking the Fuxion products, and have questions, just call me directly at 866-992-5551 or head over to our contact page where you can put your question in an email.

If you are ready to order, just go to the Fuxion website and click “Buy”, select your country and products, and check out.

Fuxion Biotech Business

If you are looking at Fuxion Biotech as a business, you can call or email me also, and we can discuss the business to see if it is a fit for you. One of the things I love in Network Marketing, is meeting new people and I have been blessed to be able to create thousands of relationships, over the last 13 years, because of this Profession. Point being, know that you will be talking with a people person:)

To join Fuxion now, simply visit the Fuxion website and take the following actions;

-Type www.fuxionbalance.com in your browser (or click the link)

-Click “Join”

-Select your country of residence

-Add the $30 business kit to your cart

-Select your products

Remember, you get a 25% reduction in price when ordering 60+ points as a Member!

As a Fuxion Member (Fuxioneur), you have 3 options to join Fuxion;

1. Sign up at 120+ points (each product has a point value associated with them). If you start at 120+ points, a box will pop up and ask if you want to spread the points over the next 4 cycles, click that you do. That will keep you Active (ability to earn from sales), for an entire month. This will give you free shipping (any order 100 points is free shipping). You also won’t have to order in 2 weeks (so save on shipping there). PLUS, you get a 25% reduction in price.

2. Sign up at 60-119 points. This will give you the 25% reduction in price.

3. If you can’t do either of the above, then start at 20-59 points. No reduction in price.

As far as what products to order, I LOVE VitaEnergia, On (these two people feel right away), Flora Liv, Termo Te, Passion, Beauty In, C&C Fit, and FLX Te. Really, all of the Fuxion products rock, but these are my favorites!

Remember, there is NO autoship with Fuxion!

Maybe a little information overkill, but I like to be thorough.

Again, if you want to contact Fuxion Biotech directly, then call 855-747-9922. BUT, if you want to find a leader to work with or have product questions, then contact me at 866-992-5551.

Note: I have Members all over the United States, and in several other countries, so proximity is not an issue. In today’s world of technology, we can do everything we need to do, regardless of location!

If you would like to learn more about Fuxion Biotech, visit The Balance You Need and soak up the information!


The Balance You Need