career red word on stair up to open conceptual doorNetwork marketing is a frequently misunderstood yet entirely legal approach to business. It provides an opportunity for people from all walks of life to work from home, earn a decent living and have more time for their families. At The Balance You Need, we’ve personally found success with this model by selling products for Life Force International.

It all began with a simple realization that we were working too hard for too little return. A taxing career as an international accountant led founder Ben Mueller to make the shift to network marketing. Today, he’s readily available as a network marketing consultant and hopes to help people see their own path forward to a better and more rewarding life.

In this post, we’ll explain what exactly network marketing is all about; examine the benefits of this model at Life Force International; and share Ben’s consulting credentials in this field. If you’ve always been interested in network marketing but think you’ll never have the time to get involved, take five minutes and discover what it can do for you.

Network marketing is an honest and profitable way to do business

Contrary to popular belief, network marketing isn’t a pyramid scheme that benefits a few elite salespeople and leaves many others struggling from paycheck to paycheck. This type of business is also known by names such as multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, social marketing and direct sales, and these names underscore some important attributes to selling in this way: It all comes back to serving people, from family to neighbors; it requires a successful product line to have any chance of survival; and opportunities to advance and flourish are limitless.

For example, people who sell Life Force International products enjoy the following benefits:

  • Business partners enter the company without needing to pay a dime. Generating earning potential doesn’t create an initial setback of debt or fees.
  • Distributors receive a stunning 60 percent from Life Force International, representing our industry’s highest payout.
  • Our products serve the rapidly growing wellness market and are consumable, which results in higher purchase volumes over time and higher income for business partners.
  • Independent confirmation of excellence is provided by organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, which has given Life Force International its highest grade.

With all of these opportunities readily available to motivated entrepreneurs, the question now becomes: Who can give me the business insights I need to get started as quickly as possible?

Learn from the best and brightest

If you’re ready to begin your journey toward family and financial excellence, Ben Mueller can be the consultant at your side every step of the way. As someone who has been in the industry for 10 years, Ben recognizes the need for expertise in a field that is competitive and often complex.

Here are just a few of the ways he’s demonstrated leadership in our industry. Among other business endeavors, Ben has:

  • Built and sustained impressive growth for Life Force International at the local level.
  • Founded a multi-level marketing organization in Africa that continues to thrive.
  • Established Elite Legacy Marketing and developed all aspects of its social marketing program. Over a very short period of time, it is expected to move from affiliate status to multi-level marketing organization, a concept that has attracted many people to become partners in the business early on.
  • Received recognition for his journey as reflected in his selection to Life Force International’s Member Board in January 2015.

Ben recognizes that at its heart, a winning social marketing program is composed of four parts. First, founders must craft a compensation package commensurate with the experience and work ethic of its talented business partners. Second, the program must feature a suite of marketing tools that help educate consumers about the value of products and services and are easy for business partners to use. Third, social marketing requires a culture of recognition that honors the hard-working men and women who make the overall organization thrive. Lastly, ongoing education benefits all parties and improves opportunities for better products and higher sales in the future.

Ready to get started? Contact us using the form on our website or call 866-992-5551. We look forward to sharing how this incredible business model can transform the way you view your career, family and future.