New Fuxion Products Released

The U.S. branch of Fuxion has just released new Fuxion products to the market! Plus, Jeff Higginson (U.S. Fuxion Biotech owner and C.E.O.) has taken the next steps in opening this market further along with penetration across the rest of the world expected!

This last weekend, the Diamond Destiny convention kicked off the official launch of U.S. Fuxion under the Jeff Higginson era. It did not disappoint!

Three new Fuxion products, a new Fuxion App for the marketers, and a realization that Fuxion is moving into 1st World status excited those of us that have been part of this Company for the long haul.

The Fuxion 10/14 Weight Loss Pack was a huge success as the Company sharpened its spear and cut into this competitive marketplace even deeper with these Amazon Rainforest and Andes born ingredients!

fuxion 10/14 active weight loss pack

The three new products that Fuxion launched were; the 10/14 weight loss pack, Pre Sport, and Xtra Mile. All of them fit perfectly into the demands of the U.S. Market as they focus on weight loss and athletic performance. The added benefit is that all products are plant based, clean label, and derived from the Amazon Rainforest and Andes Mountains!

The 10/14 Pack is a 14 day program to lose 10 pounds!

This weight loss package contains daily sachets of the following Fuxion products:

2 Bio Pro shakes (chocolate or vanilla)

1 Prunex

1 Vita Xtra T

1 No Carb T

1 Thermo T3

To order the Fuxion 10/14 Pack, simply visit the Fuxion website and click Virtual Shop. From there you can process your order!

Note that for every 4 Fuxion products purchased, the 5th one is free!

The other two new Fuxion products are Pre Sport and Xtra Mile!

Pre Sport is a way to bring an added energy to your workouts or athletics.

Xtra Mile creates sustained energy during a long distance run or a 90 minute Yoga class. Or, wherever you need that extra pick me up to get you through the challenge!

As you learned in the video above, the Fuxion business opportunity is starting its official launch internationally with Jeff Higginson leading the charge! As we have been discussing for almost 3 years, Fuxion Biotech is one of the most solid opportunities in the world. Fuxion currently holds the 90th spot out of 10,000 companies in the world.

Jeff Higginson has been the International CEO of Fuxion for the last year but recently bought the U.S. Rights to Fuxion. This move was a significant development as it put his knowledge of the U.S. Market and abroad in the driver’s seat. In his prior company, he was able to bring revenues up by $200 million along with opening 54 other countries in his time as CEO.

Between the new Fuxion products and technological advances that U.S. Fuxion is making, we should start to see a steady climb of market share. Soon thereafter, we should start to see more exponential growth out of this Company.

The bottom line to Fuxion is simple. The products are TOO GOOD not to create a strong foothold in American soil. Especially when Amazon soil is a heck of a lot healthier for us!

If you are interested in discussing the Fuxion business or products, please feel free to call us at 866-992-5551 or fill out the contact form.