SPAIN! The opening of Fuxion Spain just happened yesterday and we wanted to be one of the first to tell you about this spectacular Network Marketing Company that just launched into your beautiful country!

If you haven’t heard about Fuxion, you soon will hear the clamoring of this Company through the streets of Madrid! This is exactly why we are trying to reach you now. Little did you know that you could be part of a launch of this monster, natural health Company, into your own backyard. And that, truly, could change your financial life, and overall health!

To celebrate, we’ll start with the basics…so please check out the videos below, one in Spanish, and one in English, to give you an overview as to why the opening of Fuxion Spain, will be tremendously impactful, to the citizens of your country!


Through a series of fortunate events, in October of 2015, and 11.5 years in the Network Marketing Industry, I ended up finding Fuxion with a group of Professional Network Marketers. Little did I know that this would be the goldmine, I had been waiting for, but more importantly, a way for me to significantly help others in a way that few are able to do in their lifetime. Now, this wasn’t because of me, but rather, a $100 million dollar Company, by the name of Fuxion Biotech, that had its sites on the United States of America.

In May of 2016, Fuxion launched into the U.S. and allowed me to grow a residual income, in a matter of months, that took me 9 years to get to, in a prior company. Now, it is my turn to get this into the hands of the citizens of Spain!

Fuxion, as you have seen from the videos above, is a top 5% income Company, in the Network Marketing Industry, that produces alternative drinks for the masses. These Fuxion drinks are; great tasting, inexpensive, and help deliver an array of Amazon Rainforest Extracts to our bodies. The products are what makes Fuxion Spain, what it is as they are COMPLETELY, 100% free, of the junk that most Americans, and I would venture to guess, Spaniards, put into their bodies. The marketing message is simple;

Simply replace what you are already drinking, with better ingredients, at a better cost“.

That message has exponentially driven these products and business model, through 16 countries, and now will be driven through Spain, and the rest of Europe.

Point being is that, you, have the opportunity of a lifetime (yeah, yeah, yeah, have heard it before…), but seriously, THIS IS THAT!

To be able to be at the front side of the growth curve, for Fuxion in Spain, without the risk of a startup, with products like these that are below market equivalents, in price. With the leadership experience that comes with Randy Gage’s group (our group), the Fuxion App, and global expansion planned for Fuxion in the nextWhy Fuxion two years…is something to be grateful for!

To get a little background on me, check out the video below or visit this article that explains my path in this wonderful Industry of ours.

The reason being is; I would love to work with those of you in Spain y, porque hablo español, puedo ayudarte con tus prospectos!

After viewing the Fuxion Spain videos above, you would like to look into Fuxion further, just contact us at the phone number below. As I stated in the video, we have the fastest growing team in the Company and, with people like Randy Gage, as one of your immediate uplines, you have optimal support to, realistically, have a walk away residual income business, within the next year or two (as long as you put the effort necessary to build your Fuxion business)!

Simply go through my website and do your investigation, but the minute you realize how special Fuxion will be to the Spanish people, give us a call at our Fuxion phone number, 866-992-5551, or visit my website and use the contact form and I will call you back as soon as I can! If you would like to contact me on Facebook, just visit my profile and shoot me a message!

Fuxion Spain will be, one of the best financial and health decisions, you have ever made!

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