You have landed at the right place if you are looking to order Fuxion products direct from Fuxion! Hello, my name is Travis Holzem and I am one of the founding distributors of U.S. Fuxion Biotech, which launched into the United States in May of 2016. Thank you for visiting and welcome to

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Before you do anything, Take a look at my good friend Ben Mueller’s experience with FuXion products over the last 18 months. I am so proud of him for getting healthy, I haven’t seen him looking this fit in many, many years.  These 100% natural supplement beverages have, literally, changed his life in more ways than one and, personally, I would love to affect as many people as possible, in a positive way. These natural health beverages have raised the quality of my life, in a huge way and here is your chance, to find another level of health that is waiting for you!

From gut health products like; Flora Liv and RGX1, to weight loss beverages like; Thermo T3, No Carb T, C&C Fit, to circulation (Passion), relaxation (Stressless), vegan based protein (Bio Pro X), promoting HGH production (Youth Elixer), skin and hair (Beauty), mental and physical energy (On and Vita xTra T), and inflammation (Flx Te), to many, many more…the Fuxion products have been making an impact on literally hundreds of thousands of people, over the course of the last decade throughout Latin America, and now, putting their stamp on the United States!

On top of the quality of the Fuxion products, is the fact that they are less expensive, on average than market equivalents! But really, there are no market equivalents as nothing, that I have seen on the market, even come close to the amount of health these Fuxion drinks, can bring to a person. Instead of asking you to add another product, to your budget, we are simply saying this; “Just replace, what you are already drinking, with better ingredients, at a better cost”. We can definitively say, you will, more than likely, save money on a monthly basis, by using the Fuxion products!

Furthermore, the taste of every Fuxion product, in the line, is amazing! I was a soda pop drinker and can honestly say, the taste of the drinks are far above anything I have ever tasted. This is a result of using, true, whole food!

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that the Fuxion products are Clean Label products, simply meaning that EVERY ingredient is plant sourced! This will go into full effect in July of 2017 and is the foundation of pure, whole food products!

Quality + low cost + great taste + Clean Label = a solution:)


We, at, do not carry the Fuxion products as inventory, but are simply a connection between the end consumer, and Fuxion. We are, the Company’s Marketers! Your Fuxion products are manufactured within the United States, and shipped from 1 of 2 warehouses, within the U.S. Average delivery is 2-3 business days. Also note that there is a 100%, money back guarantee, on all of these powerful beverages!

Point being, if you would like to order Fuxion products direct from Fuxion, you can make your purchase right here and Fuxion will send the products directly to you. This is the most inexpensive, and safest way to purchase the Fuxion products (note that any products being sold on Amazon, Best Deals, etc, are against Company policy and should not be purchased nor ingested).

With the Fuxion products having the efficacy, that they have, and price points that truly help people save money (and stop putting junk in their bodies), we will see the Fuxion product line spread across America, and the rest of the world in the next 5-10 years. A pretty profound situation to be in.

But our main goal, right now, is to help you feel as great as humanly possible. Our health is our #1 asset in this life and, if I could somehow, make you feel exactly what I feel, and the changes that have taken place, you would never look back!

Order Fuxion Products Direct From Fuxion!
To YOUR Optimal Health…