With Silpada Design shutting it’s doors it leaves a huge gaping hole in 15,000 business owners bank accounts and monthly budgets.

Silpada Designs use to have 30,000 business partners but that was down to 15,000 at the time they told all of their business parters and employees they are shutting down. The owners of Silpada Design were trying to keep a company that has not seen profits since 2010 afloat with thier own capital and, well, they could no longer continue to run a business that was losing money so they had to shut down. (Source KansasCity.com )

This gives 15,000 Silpada business partners the opportuntiy to search for a company that is already worth 100 Million and growing fast. This company is brand new to the United States however.

I would like to invite all of the business partners that believed in Silpada to come and take a look at FuXion. Take back your life and replace the income you are losing because of the shutdown of Silpada. You have no worries about FuXion shuttering their doors and leaving you with a hole in your budget you need to fill.

Watch the following video and then contact me when you are finished so we can get you on our team. We are looking for motivated leaders to help grow our team so if that is you, lets talk.


Remember when one door closes another one opens.

Run through this door and Take Back Your Life with FuXion!

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