Are you in the process of switching MLM companies? If so, join the club…but, in doing so, I thought I would document the process to help others that are in the same boat!

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Fortunately, I get the opportunity, to discover a new MLM company. After being with one company for 10+ years, and after a ton of loyalty towards that company, I have decided to change the company that I represent. Not because I am getting some “deal” or because I have angst towards my old company, but simply the fact that I know there is more out there for my family.

With that said, documenting the process of switching MLM companies may help others that want to do same thing, but just didn’t know how to go about it. You see, I will not allow myself to get caught up in “hype”. This is one of the problems in our Industry; people see or hear something that excites them, from an aesthetic point of view, and they join without really getting to know the facts behind why the company is a good choice. Then, three months later, they are gone.

What needs to happen, just like when you met your significant other, the “flash” catches your eye, but then you move in, to find out the facts. If the look AND the facts line up, you join. What I am doing here is; doing this fact finding process and broadcasting it far and wide.

Whether you decide to follow me or not, you are still going to learn about what to look for when switching MLM companies…

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  • Do your due diligence
  • Don’t be “faked out” by hype
  • Do not skip any of these steps
  • Include your team in the decision making
  • Once you choose, don’t look back
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Switching MLM companies can be tough, but make it as easy as possible on yourself by choosing the right one to work with!

As a Professional Network Marketer and Consultant, I understand what criteria to look at when selecting an MLM company and intend to spread this knowledge as far as possible. Just don’t get caught up in the “Shiny Syndrome” and just jump on the next company purely by emotion. Make a logical choice and your chances of building a stable residual income, that lasts a long time, will go way up!

If you have any questions regarding Network Marketing research or consulting, give my good friend Ben Mueller a call at 866-992-5551 Tell him Travis Holzem sent you :)

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