What’s up everyone! I just got back from the 2017 Fuxion Convention (MaxOut) and wanted to give you some Fuxion updates to keep you on top of the information as to; why Fuxion, why now?

As you know, Fuxion Biotech launched into the United States in May of 2016. What is interesting, and why Fuxion is such a huge opportunity for the Network Marketing world, is that Fuxion is a 10 year old Company, out of Lima, Peru and, IS ALREADY, in the top 5% of of all Network Marketing companies, on the planet since it was able to crack the $100 million annual revenue mark, in 2015! Even more interesting is that Fuxion did this WITHOUT the United States!

Point being, this is a huge Direct Sales Company, that presents a “start up” situation for those of us in the U.S.! Which, ultimately, is the best place for a person to be when starting in a new Network Marketing business…at the front side of the growth curve!

Check out my video below at poolside, just after the MaxOut excitement…

As one of the top Network Marketers in the U.S. side of the Company, I have been watching the moves that Fuxion has made to make sure that I am connected to a Company that is forward thinking and, once again, Alvaro Zuniga (Fuxion Owner), and the rest of the decision makers of this Company, including the great Randy Gage, blew our minds with where, their decisions, combined with our energy, are taking us!

Why Fuxion?

1) The timing! This is the first time, in the history of Direct Sales (Network Marketing), that a $100 million in annual revenue company, is launching INTO the United States, from Latin America. It literally has never happened before! In a sea of 10,000 Direct Sales companies across the world, companies battle for market share by trying to “set themselves apart” from the pack. NONE OF THEM, have this advantage…only Fuxion!

2) Products and price points are absolutely fantastic. Check out all products at usafuxion.net and see why the marketing message; “Replacing what people are ALREADY drinking with better ingredients, at a better price”, creates a differentiation between all the “Juice MLMs” and a truly marketable set of products. The Fuxion products are well below market comparables, in terms of price! And above them in terms of quality (by far)!

3) Leadership is rock solid. With Randy Gage, and his team, as the top of the U.S., and the fact that we only have 5,000-6,000 Fuxioneurs so far, one has the ability to truly work with experts in the Network Marketing Industry.

4) The duplicable system is as efficient and simple, as they come. The Fuxion App, is the answer!

5) At MaxOut, the following enhancements were introduced;

**New product called C&C Fit, which takes the #2 most popular drink, in the United States…coffee, and combines it with the #1 problem in the United States, obesity. C&C Fit is a black coffee with fat burning attributes! Fuxion made this product specifically for the U.S. Market. THAT, is forward thinking!

**Upgraded Fuxion App has made it even more simple to send Fuxion marketing tools to your network. With the ability to “poke” your upline for a 3 way call, training, funnels, contact management, dozens of marketing materials, and more, the Fuxion App has become the #1 Network Marketing App in the world today!

**INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION! If you were ever looking to have an international business, here is your chance! Fuxion launched the U.S. in 2016, but that was just the beginning. On top of being in 13 Latin American countries, Fuxion just launched Brazil, Argentina, and will be launching Spain on 2/20/17! Spain will be the spearhead to move into the rest of Europe. Also, the Company plans on moving into Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Russia! Plus as many other countries as possible. The goal is simple; bring the Fuxion product line to as many people as possible, across the globe!

I am VERY grateful as I have become the top enroller in the entire U.S. Company, meaning that I have plenty of business partners…so this write up is for YOU!

Personally, I am sick and tired of people not making it in Direct Sales! The business model has proven itself for 60+ years as it has made more millionaires than any other industry on this planet. The problem, and it is a big one, is that the vast majority of people choose the wrong company and spin their wheels for years. They KNOW the model works, but just can’t get a handle on momentum.

Fuxion is the answer!

Call us at 866-992-5551 if you would like to discuss this amazing Company and find out more about why Fuxion, why now!

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